Few things about us

We are the producer of  pre-made pouches from films and laminates. Doypack, which is standing pouch, is comfortable, lightweight and universal packaging with fold bottom, which, thanks to special design of the stiffening welds creates stable standing pouch. 

Its main advantages are:
  • exposure of the product in a standing position,
  • large printing area,
  • possibility of welding in zipper closing, 
  • the lower price compared to glass cardboard or plastic packaging.
In our offer for individual orders we are able to produce packaging of any shape. Doypack bags depending on the use are made of different materials and are available in wide range of sizes (50g - 1000 g).

We also produce other pre-made packaging:
  • gusset pouches,
  • flat pouches with back seal,
  • flat pouches,
  • sachets with zipper,
  • pouches with bottom fold,
  • shaped packaging
  • ...and many more from different materials.
We offer packaging with internal valve. Valves  perfectly protect products against oxygen ingress and remove gas excess to the outside, which is used for packing coffee.

We are able to prepare variety of packaging's’ graphic designs. Materials prepared this way will always be compatible with technological requirements of the highest quality, 8 color flexographic printing or other printing techniques. We also offer printed packaging according to customer’s requirements. We also provide logistics and transportation. We provide comprehensive realization of orders according to customer's individual needs. 

We respect the legislation on quality and environmental protection. We offer free counseling to our clients.